Oliver Bush

Oliver Bush Lighting Designer

Welcome to my website. This is a guide around my creative ideas, inspired by a challenging wealth of interests across all areas of the arts.


I trained at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, under Mark Doubleday and Sofia Alexiadou, both lighting lecturers, where I won the ALD’s Francis Reid Award in 2014.


I am influenced by a wide variety of cultural reference points that includes music, drama and dance. I spend much of my free time watching the work of other designers and have an open minded approach to developing myself as an artist.


You can see examples of my work by navigating through the collection of the production photographs.

Since 2016 I have worked at the Design Studio at Collingwood Lighting. Within the team our projects have worked  on residential projects, hotel facades, churches as well as landscaping designs. In more recent times as our product range has grown into additional commercial products we have moved into lux plots and lighting calculations to support this.